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About James RODERICK

James RODERICK There is a land once called the largest art colony in the world and declared by some to be the birthplace of American Theater, seemingly a mythical place where the light demonstrates this amazing rose-tinted glow, a place where the red-hot sun slips into the cool-blue ocean every night perchance to dream. It is a truly magical place, at the very tip of the natural geographical spiral, known as Provincetown, James Roderick grew up there in the 50's and 60's. He attended the Art Institute of Boston in the early 70's, and in the mid 90's there was a move to Colorado, where he and Naomi made their home at the foothills of the Blood of Christ Mountains. In Colorado he was a founding member of the Artisans Gallery in Crestone. For the present he lives in Avondale, Arizona, with Naomi Lake, his wife and lifelong partner..... His artwork often promotes the strength of the Feminine Spirit through paintings. In fact, he has created over eighty images of the Virgin of Guadalupe, spanning a period of thirty years. He has said, " The Guadalupe is a symbol of unconditional Love a mother has for all her children. I feel I am honoring my Mother, all Mothers really, when I paint her."...... Here he is talking about his new artwork. "Currently I have just started a new series called the Imaginariums, where I begin to explore the true nature of my imaginations. Is our imagination our connection to our Creator? When you think about it, imagination may be the one thing that separates us from the animal kingdom, with it we can explore things that are not in our present environment. Imagination is independent Creativity. Creation means to bring into existence. In the beginning, before the Creation of our World, I believe there first had to be an Imagination of our World. Was it God's imagination that Created the world? IS God the Great Imaginator? Did God imagine us, or did we imagine God?. ... I'm thinking now that all my artwork, everybody's artwork, everywhere, comes from this Imaginal Realm. So, what makes this new Imaginarium Realm series so special, well, I don't really know. It is a different style; I imagine it doesn't really matter what I call it, a rose by any other name is still a rose. That said, I know my imaginations are different than yours, we all have our own imaginations. Perhaps we are all different aspects of the same God Spirit experiencing itself from different angles. What! I feel that last sentence rings true somehow, I'm reading it again right now. Yes, there was something to it. Maybe this isn't the right format for this whole train of my imaginative babble, but this spot is supposed to be about me, and these words are me talking, so why not ramble on? And also, I figure there are Very Few of you who will read this far, for most people I could be saying anything here and they would never know, but I see you Are one of the Very Few, so to you I say, my Spirit recognizes and honors the Spirit in you, may you be blessed by The Great Spirit in us all, and Thank You for the Privilege of Your Time."..... Sincerely, James.